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The CEO of Vein911 Vein Treatment Centers, 21-year cancer survivor and healthcare industry veteran Chris Pittman, MD, has launched Health Performance Specialists (HPS), a national Management Services Organization for independent physicians.

HPS helps independent physicians compete, succeed and thrive in today’s medical practice environment. The organization is designed to disrupt current healthcare delivery by uniting top quality independent physicians so they can profit from economies of scale without sacrificing the benefits of being small.

The benefits include group purchasing agreements, sharing operational and information technology solutions, leveraging common back office staff and analyzing healthcare data for better patient outcomes – benefits usually enjoyed by physicians employed by large groups or hospitals.

CEO and Managing Director Pittman said research shows that small, physician-owned practices provide better responsiveness to patient needs, have lower average cost per patient and fewer hospital admissions than large, independent- and hospital-owned practices. Independent physicians are over-burdened by the rising cost of government reporting, information technology and changing reimbursement models.

Many physicians have been forced to sell their practice and become employees of larger physician groups or hospitals.

He said HPS was created to level the playing field across the ever-consolidating medical-industrial complex. The HPS team assists or assumes any or all practice functions so physicians can remain engaged with their patients and provide the best care possible.

“The healthcare environment is changing like a tsunami, volcano or hurricane changes the landscape, making it difficult for doctors to continue operating independently,” Dr. Pittman said.

“Changing regulations, policies and technology are forcing doctors to spend a burdensome amount of time on administrative tasks and not enough on their patients. HPS is designed to help physicians who understand the value of small practices and share our mission of ‘Engaged Physicians. Delighted Patients.’”

Vein911, located throughout the Tampa Bay area and led by board-certified vein care specialist physicians, are providers of both medical and cosmetic vein care, including varicose veins, ankle swelling, restless legs, night cramps, venous leg ulcers, and cosmetically disturbing veins of the hands, face and legs.

Dr. Pittman, who has 25 years in medical practice and practice management, is a nationally recognized expert in healthcare policy, medical economics and health information technology, including EMR, medical informatics, and telemedicine. He said executive team members are recognized experts in digital media, design thinking, operations and financial intelligence.  VTN


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Larry Storer

Larry Storer

Larry Storer has been editor of Vein Therapy News for 10 years. He has edited computer, shelter and medical publications at Publications & Communications LP for 30 years. He was also a corporate vice president and editorial director before retiring. Larry graduated from Baylor University with a BA in journalism and an MA in communications; and from Lamar University with a MED in school administration. He taught beginning and advanced reporting, beginning and advanced editing and editorial writing at Baylor University. Larry was a reporter, and city and news editor of the Beaumont Journal, and opinion editor at the Beaumont Enterprise and Beaumont Enterprise-Journal. He was also the founding managing editor of the Yuba City (California) Daily Independent-Herald.